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Wondering how to get a start with homeschooling?
Here are some suggestions...


Pray, pray, pray, then trust that God is faithful to His Word that when God calls us to something, He provides the grace to do it. Frequent the sacraments. Call to mind often the reasons why you are homeschooling. This will help on days when it’s tough.


Choose a curriculum, either a pre-packaged one or develop your own and purchase wisely. Many resources are available to help in making those decisions. See our Useful Links page for curriculum suppliers and Our Resources section for recommended reading. Remember that curriculum is a tool towards achieving your goals and not an end in itself. Be patient. It takes time to find what works for you and your children.


Set goals for yourself and each of your children in spiritual, academic, behavioral, and social areas. Write them down and refer back to them.


Learning from & leaning on others is necessary to homeschool. Find a support group that best meets the needs of your family in terms of faith, activities, philosophy, and location. There are many flavors of support group. The important thing is that you don’t go it alone. Do not be afraid to ask for help.


It is everyone’s job to make the house run effectively. Even the smallest children can contribute to cleaning. Develop a structure and routine for keeping up with housework, meals, bill paying, etc. Investing the time in developing a system that works for your family will be worth it. See Our Resources section for more info.


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