Catholic Homeschoolers in Massachusetts East

Welcome to Catholic Homeschoolers in Massachusetts East (CHIME)

CHIME is a group of faithful Catholic homeschooling families who live in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.  We provide not only mutual support and encouragement to one another, but also a variety of academic and spiritual activities, field trips, classes, and clubs for our members and their children.  We are a parent-led group, so any idea you may have for an activity or event should be put out there for the offering.  Do not be afraid to reach out!

As you read this website, please pay specific attention to our Mission/Philosophy Statements. They form the heart of our group, defining the identity of CHIME as a Catholic homeschooling community. We ask you not to view CHIME as merely another activities resource for a homeschooling family; our mission is inexorably bound to our vocation as the primary educators of our children.